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Sore breasts ovulating or pregnant

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But I testament be getting a liquid body substance test, in this next week. we used a condom but im getting frightened intellection i am pregnant. I won't lean all of my symptoms, because they are your characteristic pregnancy symptoms. I hold no thought if I am or how far on I could be as I don't get my fundamental measure because of marina. im only 14 and i had sex with my boyfriend of 7 months antepenultimate week. I've been wondering if I am pregnant, for a while, now. I try golf stroke it out of my head, informatory myself I am not, but the symptoms are still there. I am gaining weight, my stomach looks/feels bigger. I see that it is probably way too early, to be spirit any girl movement (if I'm even pregnant), but I fair wanted to cognise if anyone additional has toughened this/knows what it could be, or if it's evenhanded nothing. I ne'er had the feeling ahead other than being pregnant.

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The BFP by DPO is work force thrown my favorite kind of BFP story. :-) Thanks so much to all those who've posted here and successful my two weeks intermission bearable. I wanted to submit my 2 experiences so that anyone that experiences the archetypical what was probably an early loss, can find some comfortableness that you can unmoving get your BFP on the next cycle. DPO 1 - achromatic bleed and hefty ache suspect OV took property in last 24hrs DPO 2 - cram full with gas/bloated DPO 3 - I blacked out after 1 lap (0.4km) of my jogging. DPO 7 - airy brown spotting, headache in afternoon, dry/itchy throat, how-do-you-do chin pimple! bleeding) DPO 8 - Vivid dream, Gas, Constipated, maculation brown blood still, sensitive throat. Wasn't so aspirant after the BFN's in any event but was worried something was wrong with me that I couldn't carry :-( Next cycle: DPO 1 - Moody, tight swollen flatulent opinion DPO 2 - Moody, slight brown spotting once I restrained my cervix. DPO 4 - Nipples started to be very sensitive to touch. DPO 5 - Nothing, only highly sensitive nipples DPO 6 - Gassy, sensitive nipples. DPO 8 - Still very low feeling and angry - nipples the same (and speak to be) DPO 9 - nada DPO 10 - Angry over again (Poor husband) - had a very sharp pull pain on the left.. DPO 12 - Pully pains once more on left, urination frequency up. It unfolds slowly, equivalent a liliaceous plant in the season - a new symptom attending with each passing day… Tons of goodish wishes and baby material to all the ttc-ers. I am 36, first baby, NTNP since gregorian calendar month but 'actively' trying for approximately 5 cycles. Disclaimer: TMI is gonna be in every new sentence. I mediocre 5-10k 3 or 4 times a week so I definitely wasn't all over doing it. 'You're pregnant' (it's his second so I trustworthy him) DPO 4 - Vivid dreams and gas. DPO 9 - Spotting still, stuffy nose and angry tubular cavity (probably caught from very unwell husband). This didn't fall out past period of time and it was weird as since I had mamma reduction surgery in 2013, I someone never really had engorged sensitivity in my nipples, they mortal been comparatively numb so this was a bit of a weird one. about 5-10 seconds wherever I had to stop and let it pass. DPO 13 - Constipation, AF balmy cramps DPO 14 - Nipples are quiet sensitive, constipated, pull feeling once again on left, like really agonising unfree gas.. irregularity on Tuesday, tingling boobs on Wednesday…. We’d lover for you to send – nay, we simply mouldiness HAVE – your BFP by DPO story, assuming you were detail-oriented (nice euphemism, huh? So all you BFP by DPO’ers – we want to see from you! Not temping or using OPK, just going by 'every other day' from around CD 8 TO CD 18 as I get 30-32 day cycles and get a slight bleed later biological process so recognise this is roughly CD16. A random industrial-strength aversion to husbands smelly cigarette hand that were resting on the furniture next to me. Insomnia DPO 10 - Bloating, sore throat, very emotional! DPO 15 - Gas, very emotional, ache DPO 16 - Vivid dreams, bloated, AF twinges DPO 17 - Gas, AF cramps, headache. DPO 19 - Cough not shifting, well-read how to draft my cervix and found it graduate and closed. yet my gas was definitely not at bay if you catch my drift! It must be superior steroid gum olibanum its AF coming :( same very wet EWCM.
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